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Android Adressen und Ports

Etwas wirr, aber zum Suchen reicht es:  

Destination Host - Port - Purpose

play.google.com android.com google-analytics.com googleusercontent.com *gstatic.com *gvt1.com *.ggpht.com dl.google.com dl-ssl.google.com android.clients.google.com *gvt2.com *gvt3.com
TCP/443 TCP,UDP/5228-5 230
Google Play and updates gstatic.com, googleusercontent.com - contains User Generated Content (e.g. app icons in the store) *gvt1.com, *.ggpht, dl.google.com, dl-ssl.google.com, android.clients.google.com - Download apps and updates, Play Store APIs gvt2.com and gvt3.com are used for Play connectivity monitoring for diagnostics.
EMM/Google APIs/PlayStore APIs
accounts.google.com accounts.google.[country]
Authentication For accounts.google.[country], use your local top-level domain for [country]. For example, for Australia use accounts.google.com.au, and for United Kingdom use accounts.google.co.uk.
gcm-http.googleapis.com gcm-xmpp.googleapis.com android.googleapis.com
TCP/443,5228-52 30,5235,5236
Google Cloud Messaging (e.g. EMM Console <-> DPC communication, like pushing configs)
fcm.googleapis.com fcm-xmpp.googleapis.com
TCP/443,5228-52 30
Firebase Cloud Messaging (e.g. Find My Device, EMM Console <-> DPC communication, like pushing configs)
pki.google.com clients1.google.com
Certificate Revocation list checks for Google-issued certificates
clients2.google.com clients3.google.com clients4.google.com clients5.google.com clients6.google.com
Domains shared by various Google backend services such as crash reporting, Chrome Bookmark Sync, time sync (tlsdate), and many others
Chrome updates
CloudDPC download URL used
connectivitycheck.android.c om www.google.com
Connectivity check prior to CloudDPC v470 Android connectivity check starting with N MR1 requires https://www.google.com/gener ate_204 to be reachable, or for the given WiFi network to point to a reachable PAC file
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